If your computer is running on Windows 10 operating system then you will know the pain of updates. Well, one of the biggest complaints that users have in Windows 10 since it was launched was the updates.

The updates seem hard to reject or ignore. However, with every new update, Microsoft implements new security improvements. Now, Microsoft had promised to never force upgrades on customers ever again.

Well, if you are still not on Microsoft’s Windows 10, let me tell you, shortly after Windows 10 rolled out, users began to notice that their computers are automatically downloading Windows 10 updates.
Those updates don’t even bother to ask users and are often massive in size. This is what caused data loss for many customers because these updates silently exchange data in the background.

Well, Microsoft had already apologized for going “too far” with its update strategy and also said that it has “learned a lot” from all the criticism that had followed. Recently, Microsoft Germany in a response to a lawsuit from a consumer protection authority has promised to never again forcibly download the installation files in the background for new operating systems onto PCs.