A very different Android device manufacturer implemented wholly different to tweaks and amendments to the OS. They can as their totally custom UI and make the full Android device feel like it is another different OS. While some of the manufacturers don’t do anything and sell the totally stock Android devices only. Talking about the motive of this article, we shall say that some of the devices may contain Internet reader on the status bar while others might not die to the manufacturer’s concepts. This internet reader helps the users to keep the check on the data consumption at every instant no matter which app they are using. This makes it much easier for them to utilize their internet data properly and knowingly. For the devices that are not having the internet reader on their Android status bar, there’s a method to which it could be assigned. Here in this article, we have written about the method by which internet reader or the network activity shower can be added to any Android device. If you wish to know about the method then read the article till the end!

#1 The process to activate network reader on the status bar is extremely easy as we will be using only a single app that will perform all these functions automatically. The app that we are going to use is Internet Speed Meter app. This app is available for free of cost in the Google Play store so any user can try this app at any time.

2 Although the app installed the internet reader on the status bar by itself but it places it in the middle of the screen. This could not be a nice position for the users. The app being highly customizable, you can change almost every aspect of the reader that is shown in the status bar. Anything from changing the position to changing the data limit, speed or transfer units etc.

#3 To make changes to the network and internet reader on the status bar, go to the Internet Speed Meter app. From there head towards the settings by coconut on the great icon. Inside the settings the widget position, appearance and the other aspects like hidden while locked can be all set thigh easy options.

#4 Why we choose this app is because it is the lot more stable and it doesn’t affect any running tasks or the system functions. Although if you don’t like this app then there are numerous other apps of this category that can provide you with status bar network reader.

Another thing that you need to know is that the Internet Speed Meter app will remain running all of the time on the background by matter if you have closed it all. This will also consume the extra battery life so depending on these things your device may perform slightly differently. There won’t be any major fluctuations rather minute changes will be there!