1. You can flirt endlessly.

No one can enjoy parties and family weddings like you. While your engaged gang has to keep in mind commitment to their significant others, you can game around every backless choli or black suit, fearlessly.

2. Happy Pocket.

Buy endless clothes, go clubbing, do not think twice before spending because hey! you are single. No one to buy expensive gifts or arrange expensive dinners for. Your money is finally yours.

3. More family and friends time.

There is one major disadvantage of being in a relationship; you get to spend less time with your family and friends. The time you had to spend with your partner can serve for strengthening bonds with other important people of your life.

4. And the time for yourself.

Read books, go out for little strolls, and make new friends and travel, because you have all the time in the world. No one to think of before doing anything for yourself.