Final year Engineering student Arun Kumar has bought a new laptop bag last month and he is using it for just one reason, to smuggle alcohol inside the hostel. Like hostels in all colleges around the country, alcohol is banned in Arun’s hostel as well but thanks to this bag, Arun is managing to sneak in bottles without his hostel warden finding out.

You can pay him a small ‘gift’ at times and he turns his face but all those gifts were starting to hurt my pocket as well. That is when I decided to invest in this laptop bag, I can bring in 4 bottles comfortably in this bag and that sets me up nicely for a few days.”

“I don’t have a laptop so there isn’t much use for it otherwise, no regrets though. This has been one of my best purchases as a student. Only problem is that I can’t bring in Beer bottles in this bag, they make too much noise and the guard outside may notice something wrong. It is easier with Whiskey bottles in their boxes. I am trying to think of a way around that but for now, I am restricting myself to beer cans when I do feel the need to drink beer”, Arun said.