Removing such duplicate files is a big chore in itself. If you try to identify and delete such duplicate files trusting your brains, you are sure to delete important files because of the sheer volume of such duplicate files on a computer. That said, this important task cannot be put off because it eats your precious real estate on your PC. Therefore, we are here to resolve the issue of finding and removing duplicate files on your Windows run PC/laptop.

How to Find And Remove Duplicate Files In Computer

We are giving three methods to find and delete those obnoxious duplicate files eating away your computer space.

#1 Finding and deleting files using Duplicate File Finder

Step 2. In the main menu, you have to select there the folder that you want to check for duplicate files on your PC. Now at the right side, there will be “add” button click on it and select the path to scan that file over the directory and click on OK.
Step 3. Now it will start scanning files that you have selected and also there will be message box appeared there along.
Step 4. Now if it finds any duplicate file, then it will display the path in a message box. Open that file and delete it to save memory.