In this post I will tell you the method to edit any website in your browser .By this method you can alter anyone’s Facebook profile or any other sites in your browser. This is a type of trick in which you will edit facebook users profile with the help of Inspect Element of Google Chrome. With this trick users can edit anyone’s Facebook profile in their browser and make fun of friends with this.

This method helps you to change the name, age , gender and anything you want to change in your friend’s profile. Follow steps given below and try this Facebook Hacking Trick.
(Note that this method only works in Google Chrome)

Step 1 : Open profile of any user in your account on which you want to edit the details of that profile.

Step 2: Now right click on the text which you want to alter and then select “Inspect element”.

Step3: Now wait a while and you will see a pop up window from button now click on name in blue highlighted line.

Step 4: Replace the name with your desired name and press enter and then click esc.

Now you can see that name has been changed