No-one is safe on the internet. Hence, we are going to share 5 simple things that you should do right now to avoid getting hacked.

5 Simple Things You Should Do To Avoid Getting Hacked

If we look around 21st century and technology are rapidly making progress. We all must agree to the fact that no-one is safe on the internet, recently we seen Hackers broke into the bank, even hackers managed to hack nuclear power plant. However, it is always better to make yourself secure in the virtual world.

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Nowadays, hacking has become really easy. Therefore, if you’ve come across the victim or even you were a victim of a weird status or message sent to multiple accounts on social media, then you need to take steps to secure it right now. If you just changed your mind to secure yourself on the Internet then simply follow up this 5 steps.

# Using a VPN

VPN or you can say Virtual Private Network is one of the best tools for your computer security. When you connect to any public wifi or any type of internet connection, you are not at all secure because anyone can track your activity over that network. It helps you to hide your IP and keeps all your information safe and secure.
# Never use Same Passwords

Remembering Passwords was never easy! By writing them can make your work lot easier. If you are one of them who uses same passwords on different accounts then just remember, once your password is cracked you will be hacked from almost every network. Therefore Different password for different accounts is the best way to avoid hacking attempts.

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# Using Two-Step Verification

Almost every social media platform now gives you the feature to enable Two-step verification. It may take a time to set up the feature. However, it provides the security that every one of us needed. Hackers need to first get the code sent to your mobile to access the account.
# Don’t Link Your Accounts

Linking is handy but do you know hackers can get access to any one of your accounts and from there they can automatically have access to all other accounts linked up. Therefore, make sure don’t link accounts as by linking your social media you are clearly giving an open invitation to hackers to hack into your accounts.

# Avoid Public Wifi

Public WiFi is always lovable because mostly they are free. Logging into a free WiFi puts you under the threat of virus, malware and many other things that involve in hacking attempts. If you are connected to any Public wifi then can track you and can leak your credentials data to a hacker.

So, above are the 5 simplest things that you should do today if you want to save yourself from hackers. These 5 things are easy to implement and takes less time comparing other techniques out there. Therefore, be safe! I hope you like the article! Share it with your friends too.